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These self affirmations have been specifically chosen to be used daily to help change your outlook, improve your mood and make life go more smoothly. Use them to your benefit!

Tips to get the most from these self affirmations:

  • Choose a quiet spot or use headphones
  • Really focus on the words and their meainings
  • Listen to these words of affirmation daily
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  1. I am courageous and I stand up for myself

2. I am a winner


3. I have confidence

4. I choose hope over fear

5. I am successful

6. I am enough

7. I choose faith over fear

8. I am grateful for what I have

9. I am happy, healthy, and centered

10. I am content

11. Positive energy surrounds me

12. I am calm and confident

13. Success comes easy to me

14. My only limit is myself

15. I face the day with calm and patience

16. I choose happiness

17. Today I will accomplish great things

18. I love and approve of myself

19. I trust myself

20. I let go of anger

21. This day will bring me nothing but joy

22. I follow my dreams

23.  I enjoy life to the fullest

24. I radiate success

25. I wake up happy and excited every day

26. I see beauty in everything

27. I am in charge of how I feel, I choose happiness

28. My past has NOTHING to do with my future

29. I choose inner peace

30.  I am more and more at ease every day

31. I’m calm, happy, confident

32. I do not criticize myself or others

33. I will have great success today

34. I forgive all who have hurt me

35. I am worthy of respect and acceptance

36. I easily attract money into my life

37. I am blessed in countless ways

Thanks for checking out our self affirmations!  We recommend you watch / listen to these affirmations daily for at least 60 days before you judge how much they have helped your life. While you’re here you might want to see some of our other, more specific affirmations:

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