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These money affirmations have been specifically chosen to be used daily to help change your outlook, improve your mood and make life go more smoothly. Use them to your benefit!

Tips to get the most from these money affirmations:

  • Choose a quiet spot or use headphones
  • Really focus on the words and their meainings
  • Listen to these words of affirmation daily
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  1. I am a magnet for money

2. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers

3. Prosperity is drawn to me

4. Wealth is always flowing into my life

5. I am aligned with the energy of abundance

6. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly

7. My actions create prosperity

8. I am the master of my wealth

9. I am able to handle large sums of money

10. I am wealthy in more ways than one

11. I am grateful for the abundance of money I have

12. Every day I become richer and richer

13. I possess a wealthy mindset

14. Wealth pours into my life

15. My relationship with money gets better and better each day

16. I naturally attract money

17. I am happy, healthy, and wealthy

18. I am grateful for the money I have and the money on its’ way to me

19. I am what a wealthy person looks like

20. It’s wonderful that I attract opportunities to recieve more money

21. I truly enjoy money

22.  I feel so rich

23. I have more than enough money

24.  I see glorious abundance everywhere

25. Money flows to me more and more easily

26. I am so grateful that my income is higher and higher

27. Attracting money is easy for me

28. Money and I are great friends

29. I live in a rich and abundant universe

30. Money is a source of good for me and others

31. I am thankful for the joy and comfort money brings me

32. I release all negative beliefs about money and openly invite wealth into my life

33. I am able to clearly see opportunities to make money easily

34. I am passionate about building wealth

35. Everything I need to generate wealth I already have

36. I create money, wealth , joy and happiness in my life

37. My money affirmations bring me wealth and prosperity

38. I accept and embrace wealth in my life

39. My wealth allows me to help others

40. I easily attract the wealth I desire

41. I deserve to prosper and to be wealthy

42. I am so grateful for the abundance of prosperity I have in my life

43. My life is full of love, joy, and all the material things I need

44. My income is constantly increasing, I prosper wherever I turn

45. Every day I grow more and more prosperous

Thanks for checking out our money affirmations!  We recommend you watch / listen to these affirmations daily for at least 60 days before you decide how much they have helped your life. You may be shocked! While you’re here you might want to see some of our other, more specific affirmations:

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