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These health affirmations have been specifically chosen to be used daily to help change your outlook, improve your mood and make life go more smoothly. Use them to your benefit!

Tips to get the most from these health affirmations:

  • Choose a quiet spot or use headphones
  • Really focus on the words and their meainings
  • Listen to these words of affirmation daily
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  1. I am perfectly healthy

2. Every day in very way, I’m healthier and feeling better and better

3. I think only positive thoughts and am always happy, no matter the external conditions

4. Every day is full of hope, happiness, and health

5. I release any and all impediments to perfect health

6. I deserve to to be perfectly healthy, happy, and successful

7. The more positive I become the healthier I get

8. I’m full of energy

9. My mind and body deserve the best

10. I attract perfect health from the universe

11. I choose thoughts that create a healthy environment in and around me

12. I am so grateful to be alive, I cherish this life

13. I look for beauty everyewhere I go

14. I feel very good about myself

15.  The universe is blessing me with good health

16. I care for my body with respect and love

17. I choose to be healthy in every way

18. I am grateful for the healing that is occurring within my body

19. I manifest perfect health now

20. I celebrate life every day

21. My body is becoming healthier and stronger every day

22. I am fit and healthy, I radiate love and happiness very day

23. Good health is mine

24. My happy thoughts help create my healthy body

25. My body is amazing and strong

26. I feel healthier every day

27. I am worth more than anything on Earth

28. I recognize and celebrate my perfect health

29. I am worthy of the best and choose it for myself

30. Every day I have more and more boundless energy

31. Today is an amazing gift to me

32. My mind is sharp, my body is healthy, my soul is tranquil

33. I forgive myself and am easily able to forgive those who hurt me in the past

34. I approve of myself just as I am, I love myself

35. Each day brings me increased health and well being

36. Wellness is my body’s natural state

37. I have released all harmful tension from my mind and body

38. My body is healthy, my mind is clear, my spirit is aglow

39. I choose to honor my unique body, and unique beauty

40. My immune system is strong

41. Overcoming illness is very easy for me

42. I have vibrant health

43. I am healthy, whole, and complete

44. I am grateful to be blessed with abundant health

Thanks for checking out our words of affirmation!  We recommend you watch / listen to these affirmations daily for at least 60 days before you try to judge how much they have helped your life. While you’re here you might want to see some of our other, more specific affirmations:

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