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These affirmations for anxiety have been specifically chosen to be used daily to help change your outlook, improve your mood and make life go more smoothly. Use them to your benefit!

Tips to get the most from these affirmations for anxiety:

  • Choose a quiet spot or use headphones
  • Really focus on the words and their meainings
  • Listen to these words of affirmation daily
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1. I breathe in relaxation, I exhale tension

2. I am free from anxiety, I am living a calm life

3. All is well in my world

4. I rid my mind of negative thoughts and fill it with postivity

5. I am more and more calm every day

6. I love myself deeply and unconditionally

7. I choose to see the best side of people and circumstances

8. I am grateful and content with my life

9. I choose to think happy thoughts, rather than replay negative events in my mind

10. I let go of the need to be perfect all the time

11. I remain calm, regardless of the situation

12. I am bigger than any negative thing that might happen to me

13. Enormous joy is filling my life right now

14. I am not my anxiety

15. I enjoy tremendous feelings of inner calm

16. The future is good, I look forward to it with hope and happiness

17. My breath is calm and slow, I’m relaxed

18. I feel a strong sense of inner peace throughout my entire body

19. I am bold and confident, people really like meeting me

20. No matter what occurs outside, I can choose to stay calm inside

21. Living in a state of curiosity and child-like wonder brings me peace and joy

22. I love myself too much to constantly live in fear and worry

23. I am in control of my breathing, I choose to breathe slowly & calmly to stay relaxed

24. My mind is still and quiet

25. My thoughts do not control me, I control me thoughts

26. I will not allow my anxious thoughts to have control over me

27. I free myself from all destructive doubt and fear

28. I deserve all that is good

29. I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs, I choose to feel grateful

30. I’ve overcome negative thoughts before, I can do it easier this time

31. I overcome my fear of things and live life courageously

32. I choose to react positively to every situation I encounter

33. I’m optimistic about the future

34. I am mentally strong, I do not take things personally

35. I am learning to listen to my body and give it rest when it needs it

36. I choose to no longer stress about things I have no control over

37. I am stronger than any temporary feelings, they will be gone soon

38. I love and approve of myself unconditionally

39. I choose to free myself from fear

40. Temporary anxiety will not define me

41. I attract positive energy, I am more and more positive every day

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42. I will stay calm under pressure

43. I am letting go of my worries, I am more relaxed every day

44.  I now catch anxiety very early and dissipate it with positive self talk and body posture

Thanks for checking out our affirmations for anxiety!  We recommend you watch / listen to these affirmations daily for at least 60 days before you try to judge how much they have helped your life. While you’re here you might want to see some of our other, more specific affirmations:

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